Jumper or Cardigan?


For Christmas I got enough yarn to knit a jumper…or a cardigan.  I mentioned this in my last post but at that time I had no idea what I wanted to with it.  Now I have decided I want to knit another OWLs (Yes! I have finished my first owl jumper, but that is another post :) but I can’t decide whether to knit it as a jumper again or as a cardigan… decisions decisions!


I’m trying to join in with Hannah‘s #homebakedgoodthings and posting a little accomplishment; I tidied my room!  I have no idea how to use a hashtag though.


And after :-oDSC_0308

And just to prove that I do actually wear my jumpers, this was me yesterday :)


This was going to  be a short post but oh well… Spot the kitten!DSC_0297s


Introducing Prim!


We have a beautiful new kitten, called Prim!


Tommorrow, it will be two weeks sincce we got her (the 14th), she was nearly eight weeks old when she came home, so now she is nearly ten weeks old!  She is a rescue kitten from Bentham and District Pet Rescue, from the center in Horton in Ribblesdale.


She is amazing.  She runs about and plays with us with lots of excitement and energy, and then she just gets tired really fast and goes to sleep :)


It is fairly easy to take a photo of her when she is asleep…


But not so easy when she is awake!



She is very good natured, and has settled into her new home really well.