My Satchel


Introducing my satchel!  I bought it for college at the start of September and I have used it every week since.


I bought it via the Etoi Design shop on etsy.  It’s from Poland so it took about a week to get to my home in Yorkshire, from the day it was shipped to the day that our postman delivered it.

I had been wanting to buy a satchel for a while, I even made my own but it was too weak.  I was looking at satchels on etsy, and then I saw this one and really wanted it.  I know it is supposed to be a laptop bag, but I liked the look of it so I emailed Barbara (the shop owner who makes all these beautiful bags) and asked her if this bag would be suitable to as a college bag.  She emailed back and said that yes, they would be suitable except she usually makes them deeper.  If you ask her, she can make them up to 4″ deep.  Mine is 3″ deep and it is the 15″ turquoise bag. I’m slightly regretting not getting the full 4″ depth, because sometimes I take pasta to college for my tea and I have to put the container on its side to fit it in.


I really love the colours, they are really nice together.  Since I bought my satchel Barbara has made them with more choice of coloured straps, yellow, green, red, tan, cream, black, grey.The straps and handle are leather.  I’m not vegetarian, but Barbara does some bags in which the straps and handle are made with felt too, so they are 100% vegetarian, like this one.  As seen in the photograph above, there is an easier way to opening this bag than having to undo the buckles every time.  The buckles do work, but this is so much easier

The only problem I’ve found is witht he strap. I had to clip the straps on with the clip facing ourwards, because when facing inwards they tended to clip themselves onto the bag. also I could have done with another loop to feed the strap through, cause I have it on some of the smallest settings the end tends to stick our a bit.  You could easily fix this though :)


Overall I really like this bag.  It isn’t bulky and it is so pretty – I’ve got lots of compliments about it; a tutor at college who I had never seen before said that I’d better look after it or it might just find its way into her car.  Its also nice to support a small buisness, rather than a big company.  What do you think of it?


Hopefully I’ll blog again quite soon, I’ve got lots of things to show you!


Drawstring Backpack


I while ago I pinned (on pinterest) the tutorial to make this bag from the purl bee.  I finished making mine yesterday!


I used some cotton fabric that my friend had kindly given me (thank you Lynda!) and made it over two days, one cutting out the fabric and the other doing the sewing.  It took me two hours maximum but I made it harder for myself by using fabric for the lining that was 1/2” too small.  I forgot that when I was sewing it so I had to re-do one side.

The straps are part of the first yarn that I span, except that I doubled it and felted the two strands together so that it’s thicker.


It’s lined too!  I nearly didn’t bother with the lining, but it makes it look so much better!

The tutorial is super easy to follow and I recommend it if you just want an easy, satisfying project.

Thank you for looking!

Felt Pot


I made this a few weeks ago, isn’t it nice? It’s made from merino wool using the wet felting technique.  I used instructions from ‘Wet Felting: How to Make 3D Felt Vessels Using Flat Resists’ from Rosiepink Textile Arts.  I won (yes!) this ebook in a giveaway and I think it’s excellent.  I had no trouble with the instructions at all, they are well written and it is filled with colourful photographs!  This tutorial actually made two pots in one go, but I finished them off with a friend so I gave one to her :)


Thank you for looking!

Felted Cats


These were a commission from the sister of the person for whom I made the first cats.  These took me a long time but I’m happy with the result. They look a bit hairy in the photograph but that is because they enlarged by quite a bit in the photograph.  Really they are only 2-3 inches long.


Today there has been lots of sunshine here.  My brother and I made another batch of elderflower cordial, because the first batch was so good!


Finished; Felted Tree Picture


My picture is finished! Actually, I finished it about a week ago but I have only just put the photos on my laptop. I started it over two months ago, outside in the sunshine.   Since my other post about it I started embroidering the grass by hand at the top, but I soon got tired of it and it was redundant for a while.  Then I decided to finish it using my sewing machine. I used a zig-zag stitch and I threaded my machine with the same embroidery thread so that it looked the same.  I’m not sure if the zig-zag looks as good as the bit that I hand stitched, but it’s worth it because otherwise I wouldn’t have got it finished!

Thank you for taking a look :-)

Crochet Owl and a Felt Picture


I made this for a friends birthday, and now I have given it to her I can share it with you! It was crocheted on a 6mm hook so it’s quite chunky, which is good because it will protect the phone more and it was quite quick to crochet!

004s Last night dad was felting and I couldn’t resist joining in! It’s a vase of flowers on a window sill, could you tell?