Christmas crafting 2014

Edit:  I posted this on Jan the 4th, but I think I accidentaly deleted it… sorry if you subscribe by email and recieved an email about this, also sorry if your comment got deleted :( xx

Happy new year to you!

This last Christmas I didn’t make as many gifts as usual.  Last year I was finishing socks through into Christmas day, and wrapping mittens as quietly as I could, lest I wake anyone.  This year I was finished by 11:30pm on Christmas eve; I didn’t know what to do with myself!

Oh wait, I did wrap up Gran’s snowflakes (mentioned in this post) on Christmas morning, but we didn’t go to her house until 11:30 so it was okay :-)

This is what I made…


I span 150 metres (164 yards) of yarn!  It was Mum’s Christmas present, along with a pattern for a scarf/snood – it’s the lee scarf pattern from purl&jane.


This photo is was taken when Mum was knitting it with 5mm needles.  The tension was too tight and not very soft, so she has started again with 6.5mm needles and less stitches.  Now it feels really nice.  It was my fault that it was too tight; I must have been spinning too thick so it’s more like chunky yarn than aran.  I think I might have twisted it a bit too much too.  I’m still pretty proud of it, although I think I’m going to have to spin another 75m at least, because the pattern calls for four hanks of yarn and I have only spun two.

And for Dad…


Four gorgious skeins of Mirasol Qina yarn.  It’s 80% baby alpaca, 20% bamboo.  It is so so soft!  To be honest I’m a bit jealous :)

Originally I was going to give Dad a pattern to go with this yarn, but I didn’t really know what he would want to knit so he just got the yarn with the promise of finding him a pattern should he want it.  I think he’s planning to make socks anyway.  When I was buying it I asked if it would be hardwearing enough for something like socks, because baby alpaca and bamboo didn’t sound like the strongest yarn ever to me, but she said that the bamboo makes it good so I’m happy.  Hopefully the bamboo won’t pick up “bits” off the carpet like the silk-containing socks that Dad knit do (fingers crossed)!

I got some yarn too


12 balls of Drops Nepal; 35% alpaca 65% wool.  Its pretty soft, so hopefully it will make something nice. Still not sure quite what though!

Hope you are having a happy new year x