Yesterday we put up our christmas decorations and brought the tree in from our back yard. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t fit through the door… DSC_0110

Prim enjoyed the tree and the tree-decorating


Every year we go to Gran’s house for Christmas.  Yesterday Billy and I made chocolates for her.  There are about half of them on that photograph, we made some in a chocolate mould too.DSC_0149

A few days ago I made marzipan for the cake (we don’t have icing, just lots of marzipan), I’ve put the marzipan on the cake but not really decorated it yet; so far I’ve just written Merry Christmas around the edge of it.DSC_0061s

With the leftovers Billy and I made balls of chocolate dipped marzipan, but we didn’t put enough chocolate on (!) so Dad added more chocolate to them and also made chocolate brazil nutsDSC_0144s

The only christmas crafting that I can show you are the crochet snowflakes that I’ve been making over the past month or so…DSC_0153

Three of them were made using the Attic24 snowflake pattern, the rest I made up myself.  I blocked them on cardboard using a mixture of water and pva glue (thank you Hannah!), they are pretty much dry now and they look really nice when they are stiff

There has been lots of kitten-loving since we got Prim, but don’t worry, Apple and Blossom are not being neglected :)

DSC_0099 DSC_0177

Have a good Christmas and a Happy new year >:o)


My crochet triangles for yarndale

Happy Birthday Billy!



These are my triangles that I finished took into Purl&Jane about a week ago!  they are going to be part of some beautiful bunting for Yarndale.  You can find the pattern and information about the project here.


I made 10 in all,  here they are all piled up.  I’m looking forward to yarndale now!

We are going to Lincolnshire for a few days (setting off in about half an hour!) so I probably won’t be posting for about a week.  Mind you, this post and the last are over a week apart, sorry about that!


Finished; Cushion for Gran


It’s finished!  Well, it was finished over a week ago,  on the morning of Gran’s birthday, which was good because this cushion cover was her birthday present.  I first mentioned my cushion here. I used rico creative cotton aran and rico soft merino aran.


I sewed the squares together, made a basic cushion cover and then sewed the squares onto the front. the edge looked a bit messy so I added some edging along the sides and the opening (which took a lot longer than I thought it would).  The orange buttons were some that I’d had for a while, I think they look bright against the white.

018s 019s

We went to Gran’s house in the afternoon and had a fabulous
birthday tea!


Thank you for looking!

Gloves and a Cushion

Hello! I have two projects to show you today.


This is my new glove. You may have seen my first glove in this post. I have started these in a different yarn, Mirasol Kutama. I love this wool and the colour, it’s 50% alpaca and it’s very soft. This is shade 1904 warm grey.  Dad and I think it is more like brown though, it’s a different colour than it is in the photo.  I decided to use a more chunky yarn this time because I think my first attempt was going to be a bit on the small side. Since I took the photograph I have almost finished the first one!

The other project I have started is a crochet cushion for Gran’s birthday.064s

I’m using the Summer Garden granny square pattern from attic24 and I think it looks very pretty when each round is a different colour.  I usually try not to change colour much but I was inspired by some lovely blankets I saw on ravelry and I’ve found that it’s not as much trouble as I thought it was.

I’m going to make sixteen squares for the front, but i’m not sure what to do for the back.  I think I’ll see how much time I have left, her birthday is in two weeks time.

Today a friend showed us how to make paper with flowers in it, maybe I’ll post about that another day.

Thanks for looking :-)

Crochet Again


I have a confession to make; since I started my Hexagon Blanket I have lost interest in it. I think I’m going to make a kind of hexagon mat instead. I have got four more hexagons to make and then I’ll sew them all together into a big hexagon :)

However, I have started another blanket. I know this sounds a bit ambitious seeing how my hexagon blanket turned out, but I think I might just persevere with this one. I’m calling this my Oddment Blanket because I am making it from all the little bits of yarn I have that are too big to throw away (I don’t throw away yarn much, especially if it’s nice yarn) but too small to make much out of. IMG_0699s

So far I have made five squares – I have now finished the incomplete square in the photograph. It’s a basic granny square with four rounds. I only wanted short rounds because I’m working with small amounts of yarn and I wanted them to go all of the way round!


At the moment I’m using the yarn in the photograph but when I’ve used that up I’m going to leave this project until I have some more bit of yarn and then I’ll make some more granny squares, maybe that way I won’t get tired of it. I hadn’t made a granny square for ages and I forgot how addictive it is!


Also this week I have started knitting myself a pair of Junin gloves. This is how far I got before I realized I had read the pattern wrong and put the cabling in the wrong place had to undo it all, I’ll be more careful next time!

Thank you for looking :-)

Crochet Hexagons

Do you remember my crochet blanket from just over two weeks ago?  I haven’t got bored of it yet and so far I’ve made twenty Hexagons!


When I posted about this before I was using  the joining-as-you-go method to join my hexagons.  It looked a bit messy and it was annoying me, so I undid the last row of  the hexagons that were joining, and redid the row so that now they are all separate and I have a big pile of hexagons!


On Friday I finished knitting a hat for me, i’ll take a photo of it later!

Thank you for looking!

Crochet Owl and a Felt Picture


I made this for a friends birthday, and now I have given it to her I can share it with you! It was crocheted on a 6mm hook so it’s quite chunky, which is good because it will protect the phone more and it was quite quick to crochet!

004s Last night dad was felting and I couldn’t resist joining in! It’s a vase of flowers on a window sill, could you tell?


Crochet Hexagons

Today it was beautiful and sunny so I took a photo of my latest project to show you!


It’s the start of a hexagon blanket (maybe a very small blanket!). I’ve been crocheting this since Monday and I’m using the hexagon how to by attic24 – I love the stitch pattern, it’s fairly easy but i’m finding it more interesting than granny squares!.

I’m using mostly aran wool but the blue hexagon is with dk wool, I did an extra round to make it the same size. Also, I’m joining it as I go and I’m liking it much better than sewing lots of hexagons together, even though it’s not very neat :)

Thanks for looking!