Yesterday we put up our christmas decorations and brought the tree in from our back yard. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t fit through the door… DSC_0110

Prim enjoyed the tree and the tree-decorating


Every year we go to Gran’s house for Christmas.  Yesterday Billy and I made chocolates for her.  There are about half of them on that photograph, we made some in a chocolate mould too.DSC_0149

A few days ago I made marzipan for the cake (we don’t have icing, just lots of marzipan), I’ve put the marzipan on the cake but not really decorated it yet; so far I’ve just written Merry Christmas around the edge of it.DSC_0061s

With the leftovers Billy and I made balls of chocolate dipped marzipan, but we didn’t put enough chocolate on (!) so Dad added more chocolate to them and also made chocolate brazil nutsDSC_0144s

The only christmas crafting that I can show you are the crochet snowflakes that I’ve been making over the past month or so…DSC_0153

Three of them were made using the Attic24 snowflake pattern, the rest I made up myself.  I blocked them on cardboard using a mixture of water and pva glue (thank you Hannah!), they are pretty much dry now and they look really nice when they are stiff

There has been lots of kitten-loving since we got Prim, but don’t worry, Apple and Blossom are not being neglected :)

DSC_0099 DSC_0177

Have a good Christmas and a Happy new year >:o)



Hi!  I apologise for the lateness of this post, it’s been over a week since yarndale!


Yarndale!  I was assisting Hannah with her bauble making workshop so I got to be there both days.  Saturday was MAD!  There were so many people there – in the afternoon you had to find slipstreams to get around the place.


I thought I’d get loads of knitting done but I barely knit anything that was mine, most of the time me and Hannah were chatting to people, pointing them in the right direction and mostly helping them start knitting with dpns.  I was really impressed at how quickly people learned to use dpns. Most of the people who came to the workshop had never used them before, but once they realised how it worked they were off, and quite a few people managed to finish a bauble!  I met some fantastic people there :)


Hannah spent a long time creating this workshop, winding the yarn, putting together the kits and generaly sorting everything out, but perhape most impressive was the tree!  Sadly I don’t have any good photos of the tree (I didn’t have the camera most of the time), but fortunately Hannah has lots of wonderful photos on her post about yarndale :)

She made loads of baubles, and lots of other ornaments. I really want to try making some crocheted snowflakes like she did – they were blocked with pva glue so they were stiff – they really were so pretty. Thank you Hannah for giving me the oppotunity to come along!

I didn’t spend as much money as I thought I would.  I bought some lovely Blue Faced Leicester and Masham yarn,  some wool tops (white and grey), and some 6.5mm bamboo double point needles; now I can knit my sleeves yay!

Today we went on a guided 6 mile walk around Settle, which was finished with an ice cream; the best way to finish a walk!  Hope you’re all having a good week too :)