Doing Art Again

Hello!  I haven’t been blogging for a while, but I’ve still been making stuff : )

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This is a drawing I did of Apple, partly inspired by this guinea pig portrait.  I used black and grey pastels, with pencil for detail.

I did it from a photograph, which I copied upside down.  I read somewhere that its easier to copy things when they are upside down, because you are more likely to draw what you see, rather than what you think the image should look like.

I used my laptop to draw grid lines onto the photo (which I’ll show you soon) and drew grid lines onto my paper.  then I copied it upside down and it really does work, I don’t think I could have copied it as accurately if I had had it the right way up.  After I had drawn the outline I turned it right way up and drew in the details.


Having said that, I don’t think i’ve captured her expression quite right.  the eyes, the shape of the nose…  I think the piggy in my drawing looks a lot like Blossom (pictured in this post), it’s the nose and the eyes I think.  See, mother and daughter resemblance coming through there (Blossom is Apple’s mum), they even have similar markings.

I really enjoyed doing this drawing though, I hadn’t done anything like that for ages and I loved it!

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Mum’s birthday card.  I used watercolour, another thing I haven’t done for ages, it was inspired by the jasmine that is on the front of our house.

I’m proud of this because I didn’t try to make it 100% accurate.  I usually try to make paintings really detailed and true to the real thing, but when I see paintings on art galleries (and auction marts) I tend to like the pretty abstract ones.  Strange isn’t it?

Thank you for looking :-)


Happy Father’s Day


It’s Father’s day today (UK) this is my card to dad (made last night from about 10pm to 11pm!) I bought him some chocolates and my brother made him a really cool card and gave him a sudoku book.


This is my new shelf  that dad made for me, finished last Thursday. Thank you Dad :).

Look how I tidied it all nicely, it won’t stay like that for long!

Little bird card


This is a birthday card that I made for my cousin about a week ago. The bird is printed card and the branches and leaves are watercolour.

This week I have been knitting the last sleeve of my jumper and I have started knitting a pair of gloves with cables on (my first project with cabling!) I’ll post about them later.

Thanks for looking