Felt Pot


I made this a few weeks ago, isn’t it nice? It’s made from merino wool using the wet felting technique.  I used instructions from ‘Wet Felting: How to Make 3D Felt Vessels Using Flat Resists’ from Rosiepink Textile Arts.  I won (yes!) this ebook in a giveaway and I think it’s excellent.  I had no trouble with the instructions at all, they are well written and it is filled with colourful photographs!  This tutorial actually made two pots in one go, but I finished them off with a friend so I gave one to her :)


Thank you for looking!


Felted Cats


These were a commission from the sister of the person for whom I made the first cats.  These took me a long time but I’m happy with the result. They look a bit hairy in the photograph but that is because they enlarged by quite a bit in the photograph.  Really they are only 2-3 inches long.


Today there has been lots of sunshine here.  My brother and I made another batch of elderflower cordial, because the first batch was so good!


Finished; Felted Tree Picture


My picture is finished! Actually, I finished it about a week ago but I have only just put the photos on my laptop. I started it over two months ago, outside in the sunshine.   Since my other post about it I started embroidering the grass by hand at the top, but I soon got tired of it and it was redundant for a while.  Then I decided to finish it using my sewing machine. I used a zig-zag stitch and I threaded my machine with the same embroidery thread so that it looked the same.  I’m not sure if the zig-zag looks as good as the bit that I hand stitched, but it’s worth it because otherwise I wouldn’t have got it finished!

Thank you for taking a look :-)

Happy Father’s Day


It’s Father’s day today (UK) this is my card to dad (made last night from about 10pm to 11pm!) I bought him some chocolates and my brother made him a really cool card and gave him a sudoku book.


This is my new shelf  that dad made for me, finished last Thursday. Thank you Dad :).

Look how I tidied it all nicely, it won’t stay like that for long!

Crochet Owl and a Felt Picture


I made this for a friends birthday, and now I have given it to her I can share it with you! It was crocheted on a 6mm hook so it’s quite chunky, which is good because it will protect the phone more and it was quite quick to crochet!

004s Last night dad was felting and I couldn’t resist joining in! It’s a vase of flowers on a window sill, could you tell?