Finished: Owls


Woohoo, it’s finished!  This jumper took a lot longer than I expected… but i suppose it’s because I redid it so many times, I think i must have knit the equivalent of two jumpers.314s

Yes, this is the best photo I could get of me wearing it.  Everyone else was at a fencing competition, taking the camera with them, so this photo was taken on my phone, which was balancing on my chair with a timer on which I had to reset for every photo.

I really like the owls pattern, but even after all the modifications, it’s too tight because I didn’t check the gauge.  So as I said in my last post I’m thinking of making an owls cardigan and I have started it but pretty much lost interest in it… we’ll see how that one turns out!

Now I’m wanting to knit something small, probably mittens because all of the gloves that I have knit are fingerless. and I’ve got another finished project to show you soon, I just have to sew the ends in and photograph it.

Because I’m joining in with Yarn Along today I’ll tell you that I’ve started reading I am Malalala.  I have only just started reading it but it’s proving to be really interesting.

Hope you’ve had a good week :)


Jumper or Cardigan?


For Christmas I got enough yarn to knit a jumper…or a cardigan.  I mentioned this in my last post but at that time I had no idea what I wanted to with it.  Now I have decided I want to knit another OWLs (Yes! I have finished my first owl jumper, but that is another post :) but I can’t decide whether to knit it as a jumper again or as a cardigan… decisions decisions!


I’m trying to join in with Hannah‘s #homebakedgoodthings and posting a little accomplishment; I tidied my room!  I have no idea how to use a hashtag though.


And after :-oDSC_0308

And just to prove that I do actually wear my jumpers, this was me yesterday :)


This was going to  be a short post but oh well… Spot the kitten!DSC_0297s

Christmas crafting 2014

Edit:  I posted this on Jan the 4th, but I think I accidentaly deleted it… sorry if you subscribe by email and recieved an email about this, also sorry if your comment got deleted :( xx

Happy new year to you!

This last Christmas I didn’t make as many gifts as usual.  Last year I was finishing socks through into Christmas day, and wrapping mittens as quietly as I could, lest I wake anyone.  This year I was finished by 11:30pm on Christmas eve; I didn’t know what to do with myself!

Oh wait, I did wrap up Gran’s snowflakes (mentioned in this post) on Christmas morning, but we didn’t go to her house until 11:30 so it was okay :-)

This is what I made…


I span 150 metres (164 yards) of yarn!  It was Mum’s Christmas present, along with a pattern for a scarf/snood – it’s the lee scarf pattern from purl&jane.


This photo is was taken when Mum was knitting it with 5mm needles.  The tension was too tight and not very soft, so she has started again with 6.5mm needles and less stitches.  Now it feels really nice.  It was my fault that it was too tight; I must have been spinning too thick so it’s more like chunky yarn than aran.  I think I might have twisted it a bit too much too.  I’m still pretty proud of it, although I think I’m going to have to spin another 75m at least, because the pattern calls for four hanks of yarn and I have only spun two.

And for Dad…


Four gorgious skeins of Mirasol Qina yarn.  It’s 80% baby alpaca, 20% bamboo.  It is so so soft!  To be honest I’m a bit jealous :)

Originally I was going to give Dad a pattern to go with this yarn, but I didn’t really know what he would want to knit so he just got the yarn with the promise of finding him a pattern should he want it.  I think he’s planning to make socks anyway.  When I was buying it I asked if it would be hardwearing enough for something like socks, because baby alpaca and bamboo didn’t sound like the strongest yarn ever to me, but she said that the bamboo makes it good so I’m happy.  Hopefully the bamboo won’t pick up “bits” off the carpet like the silk-containing socks that Dad knit do (fingers crossed)!

I got some yarn too


12 balls of Drops Nepal; 35% alpaca 65% wool.  Its pretty soft, so hopefully it will make something nice. Still not sure quite what though!

Hope you are having a happy new year x



Yesterday we put up our christmas decorations and brought the tree in from our back yard. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t fit through the door… DSC_0110

Prim enjoyed the tree and the tree-decorating


Every year we go to Gran’s house for Christmas.  Yesterday Billy and I made chocolates for her.  There are about half of them on that photograph, we made some in a chocolate mould too.DSC_0149

A few days ago I made marzipan for the cake (we don’t have icing, just lots of marzipan), I’ve put the marzipan on the cake but not really decorated it yet; so far I’ve just written Merry Christmas around the edge of it.DSC_0061s

With the leftovers Billy and I made balls of chocolate dipped marzipan, but we didn’t put enough chocolate on (!) so Dad added more chocolate to them and also made chocolate brazil nutsDSC_0144s

The only christmas crafting that I can show you are the crochet snowflakes that I’ve been making over the past month or so…DSC_0153

Three of them were made using the Attic24 snowflake pattern, the rest I made up myself.  I blocked them on cardboard using a mixture of water and pva glue (thank you Hannah!), they are pretty much dry now and they look really nice when they are stiff

There has been lots of kitten-loving since we got Prim, but don’t worry, Apple and Blossom are not being neglected :)

DSC_0099 DSC_0177

Have a good Christmas and a Happy new year >:o)



The other day Billy and I made gingerbread.DSC_0167s

This is a terrible photo but it tasted really amazing (I suppose it’s all of that treacle and golden syrup). Whilst we were making we were planning to make ginger beer in time for Christmas!  Ginger is such a Christmassy taste, isn’t it?

Introducing Prim!


We have a beautiful new kitten, called Prim!


Tommorrow, it will be two weeks sincce we got her (the 14th), she was nearly eight weeks old when she came home, so now she is nearly ten weeks old!  She is a rescue kitten from Bentham and District Pet Rescue, from the center in Horton in Ribblesdale.


She is amazing.  She runs about and plays with us with lots of excitement and energy, and then she just gets tired really fast and goes to sleep :)


It is fairly easy to take a photo of her when she is asleep…


But not so easy when she is awake!



She is very good natured, and has settled into her new home really well.



Watercolour Paintings


I’ve been doing some watercolour painting recently.  This is a painting of a cyclamen that Mum got for her birthday.  It’s in my sketchbook and as you can see, I painted this on 02/10/13 but I finished it with a pen last Wednesday.  The flowers are actually brighter then this, but our scanner isn’t really very good at picking up colours accurately.   002a

Rabbits in an autumn wood!  Again the colours are really a bit more vibrant.   I love how this turned out.   It’s a card, because I wanted to paint, but not do a proper painting.  I think the rabbit furthest away is the best – I like his little feet, what do you think?  Although, maybe I should have made him a bit smaller because, as Dad said, it is a giant rabbit.  I know this isn’t a technically brilliant painting, but it was so much fun to paint :)


Another card.  similar to some things I’ve done before, but experimenting with the flowers.  I’m liking the small red/purple ones, because I’ve never painted them like that before.

What do you think?

My Satchel


Introducing my satchel!  I bought it for college at the start of September and I have used it every week since.


I bought it via the Etoi Design shop on etsy.  It’s from Poland so it took about a week to get to my home in Yorkshire, from the day it was shipped to the day that our postman delivered it.

I had been wanting to buy a satchel for a while, I even made my own but it was too weak.  I was looking at satchels on etsy, and then I saw this one and really wanted it.  I know it is supposed to be a laptop bag, but I liked the look of it so I emailed Barbara (the shop owner who makes all these beautiful bags) and asked her if this bag would be suitable to as a college bag.  She emailed back and said that yes, they would be suitable except she usually makes them deeper.  If you ask her, she can make them up to 4″ deep.  Mine is 3″ deep and it is the 15″ turquoise bag. I’m slightly regretting not getting the full 4″ depth, because sometimes I take pasta to college for my tea and I have to put the container on its side to fit it in.


I really love the colours, they are really nice together.  Since I bought my satchel Barbara has made them with more choice of coloured straps, yellow, green, red, tan, cream, black, grey.The straps and handle are leather.  I’m not vegetarian, but Barbara does some bags in which the straps and handle are made with felt too, so they are 100% vegetarian, like this one.  As seen in the photograph above, there is an easier way to opening this bag than having to undo the buckles every time.  The buckles do work, but this is so much easier

The only problem I’ve found is witht he strap. I had to clip the straps on with the clip facing ourwards, because when facing inwards they tended to clip themselves onto the bag. also I could have done with another loop to feed the strap through, cause I have it on some of the smallest settings the end tends to stick our a bit.  You could easily fix this though :)


Overall I really like this bag.  It isn’t bulky and it is so pretty – I’ve got lots of compliments about it; a tutor at college who I had never seen before said that I’d better look after it or it might just find its way into her car.  Its also nice to support a small buisness, rather than a big company.  What do you think of it?


Hopefully I’ll blog again quite soon, I’ve got lots of things to show you!

Buttoned Skirt


I made a skirt!  This photo was taken about a week ago (when there was sunshine) and I actually finished this skirt two weeks ago.

I started making it at sewing group, with help; I probably would still be doing it otherwise!  It originally had a zip, but I decided buttons would be nicer, especially since I got some awesome vintage buttons for my birthday!

At sewing group I cut it out, without drawing lines or planning on paper or anything (not my usual style), just guidence from a friend :)  I even (deliberately) ripped the fabric, which was fun.  After the cutting/ripping I sewed the gather stitches (right term?) and then it was time to go home.

IMG_1854sAt home in the next couple of weeks I followed Tilly’s Picnic Blanket Skirt tutorial, except my skirt was in one piece rather than three, and I didn’t have any interfacing so I used bondaweb.  I managed to sew and cut button holes!  I’ve never been able to do that before, I always cut the stitching.  I had help from a beautiful sewing bok that I also got for my birthday.

The worst mistake I made was that I forgot to put the ruffled fabric of the skirt into the waistband, and then I couldn’t be bothered to re-do it because I’d already re-done it twice.  Instead I used a zigzag stitch to “overlock” the hem, and left it at that.  It’s only me who will be wearing it after all!

I now want to sew a t-stirt, this one from grainline studio.  In fact, I bought the pattern yesterday and I have cut it out, now I just need to find the right fabric!

Cowl Number Four + Owls Progress


My cowl is finished!  I started it about three weeks ago. However, since then I have messed around with it quite a lot.  I was worried that it might be too big, so I tried changing to a smaller needle, but it didn’t look right, so I pulled those rows back and tried to work out how to decrease it.  In the end I did something similar to this, except that I did the decrease rows every other round, so its more gradual. 003s

It is bigger than I intended it to be, but I kind of like it like that, it’s all drapy and I can wear it indoors.  I’m thinking of making another smaller one, for the winter.  Yes, I am thinking about winter!  I don’t want to be cold this year.


I finished my owls sleeves.  Bring on the owls!  Actually, I’m thinking of adding another three centimeters to the body, just to make it that big longer.  I’m also going to have to do something about the sleeves, they have exactly the same number of rows (95) but somehow one of them is slightly longer that the other.  I’ll either make the other one longer, or maybe I could block them and make them the same size? Yes! I’ll try that first.

I’m joining in with yarn along today, but I haven’t been reading books for pleasure this week (essay writing) but I’ve still got lots of books that a friend lent me, so I’ll probably try them soon : )

Yesterday I had the house to myself for five hours, so amongst other things I went outside in a handmade skirt and my cowl and took some photos of them (hence the first photo).  I’ll show you my skirt soon, watch this space!