Watercolour Paintings


I’ve been doing some watercolour painting recently.  This is a painting of a cyclamen that Mum got for her birthday.  It’s in my sketchbook and as you can see, I painted this on 02/10/13 but I finished it with a pen last Wednesday.  The flowers are actually brighter then this, but our scanner isn’t really very good at picking up colours accurately.   002a

Rabbits in an autumn wood!  Again the colours are really a bit more vibrant.   I love how this turned out.   It’s a card, because I wanted to paint, but not do a proper painting.  I think the rabbit furthest away is the best – I like his little feet, what do you think?  Although, maybe I should have made him a bit smaller because, as Dad said, it is a giant rabbit.  I know this isn’t a technically brilliant painting, but it was so much fun to paint :)


Another card.  similar to some things I’ve done before, but experimenting with the flowers.  I’m liking the small red/purple ones, because I’ve never painted them like that before.

What do you think?


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