This Week…

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The first of the lavender, yay!  I planted this from seed earlier this year, I didn’t expect it do flower so it was a nice surprise to see some flowers (three flower heads in total).  It wasn’t going to flower anymore though so I cut it down so that it will be tidy next year.

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This wasn’t my work.  I made one short string of onions, french plaiting them which was fun, Dad did the rest.  This photograph was taken during the process so these aren’t all of them, there are actually six strings of home grown onions in total.

On Tuesday we did some orienteering just above Carleton,  and we found, and picked lots of blackberries!  They weren’t by the road, so not many, if any people had picked them.  Later that day Mum (who had been in work) and Dad went up there again and picked some more.  Dad made blackberry jelly :)



Apple Pie!  It’s an apple pie with a cheddar crust, which is amazing!  We picked the apples yesterday from a tree near us.  I think it might be the first pie I’ve made.  The recipe is from this book.  There is a bit of cheese pastry left so I told Billy that it’s his job to make cheese twists!

It’s yarndale tomorrow!  I got braces and a cold yesterday but I’m feeling a bit better now although I will probably want a lie in tomorrow.  I’m going to be there both days, part time assisting Hannah with her bauble workshop, and part time walking around looking at all of the things there and trying not to spend too much money!


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