Socks, jumpers and blankets

Hello everyone, I’m joining yarn along today, better late than never!

This week I finished I finished my sock!


This has used the smallest needles that I have ever knit with.  It took me quite a while to make but it fits now (I had to undo the toe and make it bigger) and I really like it, although I think I like the short-row heel technique better.  I’m not predicting my second sock to be finished anytime soon because I’ve got excited with knitting my jumper!


As I said in my other post I was waiting to buy a 6.5mm needle.  My local yarn shop didn’t have it in stock so I’ve been waiting for nearly a week to knit it!  I didn’t end up buying the needle – we went to my Gran’s house yesterday and she had the needle I wanted, sadly she can not knit anymore so she gave it to me.  Since yesterday it has grown very fast and I’m loving knitting with it.  There are lots of different colours in the yarn.  I don’t normally go for multicoloured yarns but the colour change is quite subtle and I like it.


After almost two months, I think it’s time to show you my blanket of squares!  It’s the same idea as my other blanket (using up scraps) except this one is knitted.  Yes, I have given up on another blanket, they don’t seem to be going very well do they?  This time I really think I might continue this one because I’m not trying to finish it anytime soon.  The squares are all about 12.5cm² – just the right size for tension squares, so I thought that I might as well put them into my blanket too. Can you see the ones for my jumper?

Through knitting it, I’ve realized how much I like garter stitch.  I love how thick and ‘scrunchy’ it is, yum!

I haven’t been doing much reading for pleasure this week, I read the first chapter of a book that a friend lent me but I didn’t really like it, it just wasn’t my type of book!

What do you reckon, will I carry on with blanket number 3?

Thanks for reading : )


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