This Week…

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The first of the lavender, yay!  I planted this from seed earlier this year, I didn’t expect it do flower so it was a nice surprise to see some flowers (three flower heads in total).  It wasn’t going to flower anymore though so I cut it down so that it will be tidy next year.

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This wasn’t my work.  I made one short string of onions, french plaiting them which was fun, Dad did the rest.  This photograph was taken during the process so these aren’t all of them, there are actually six strings of home grown onions in total.

On Tuesday we did some orienteering just above Carleton,  and we found, and picked lots of blackberries!  They weren’t by the road, so not many, if any people had picked them.  Later that day Mum (who had been in work) and Dad went up there again and picked some more.  Dad made blackberry jelly :)



Apple Pie!  It’s an apple pie with a cheddar crust, which is amazing!  We picked the apples yesterday from a tree near us.  I think it might be the first pie I’ve made.  The recipe is from this book.  There is a bit of cheese pastry left so I told Billy that it’s his job to make cheese twists!

It’s yarndale tomorrow!  I got braces and a cold yesterday but I’m feeling a bit better now although I will probably want a lie in tomorrow.  I’m going to be there both days, part time assisting Hannah with her bauble workshop, and part time walking around looking at all of the things there and trying not to spend too much money!


Another Cowl and Knitting Sleeves

Hello everyone, it’s Yarn Along time again!

I’ve made progress on my jumper since my last post about it:  I’ve started knitting the sleeves, although there seems to be a theme going with this jumper.  I’ve adapted the sleeves too!

The sleeves in the pattern increase gradually so that they are slim fit.  I knit this first one following the pattern up to about 15cm (6″) and tried it on.  I didn’t like it, it was really fitted and I don’t usually mind that, in fact I love long, slim sleeves.  What I didn’t like about this sleeve is that the rib kind of stuck out.  Not like in the photo below, the cuff was just thicker than the rest of the sleeve.

However rather than undoing all of my work I cut the yarn and took it off the needle so that if I changed my mind I could always go back to where I was.  It was a good thing I did!  I tried casting on the number of stitches after the increases and knitting like that, but after 2cm it was clear that the ribbing was too loose.

In the end I went back to my original sleeve, undoing it to the ribbing and then increasing every two stitches for the next row.  The rest of the sleeve will be knit straight.  I like it now, it’s the same shape as my other jumpers sleeves :)

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The other thing about this sleeve is that I’m using the magic loop method to knit it because I don’t have the right size double point needles.  I had to stop knitting my jumper for a while because I didn’t have any needles to knit them with.  My local yarn shop didn’t have any 6.5mm dpns,  but Gran came to the rescue again and gave me her 6.5mm 80cm circular needle.  Using the magic loop method is hard work though!  I’m hoping to find some dpns at yarndale this weekend.


As an in between project (for when I get bored of sleeve knitting) I’ve started a cowl!  It’s the lovely ribbed cowl pattern by purl soho.  According to my ravelry notes I started it a week ago, but I re-started this too!  I was knitting it on a 4mm needle with dk yarn, but I quickly got bored with it.  I want this to be a long/tall snugly cowl to keep me warm in the winter, so I decided it was worth re-starting this on a 6mm needle with 124 stitches, so that I would finish it quicker.  It really was worth it, I’m still using dk yarn and I thought it might be a bit too loopy, but it just makes it super soft and scrunchy.  I’m using two different balls of yarn.  one is rico essentials merino, and the other I think is lang merino 120. They are very nearly the same colour so I don’t think anyone will notice!

There hasn’t been much book-reading this week.  A friend lent me a few books, mostly by Sarah Dessen.  They aren’t the kind of books I would normally read (maybe thats why i’m not picking them up..) but I’m sure I’ll enjoy them when I get around to reading them!  I really want to re-read Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman sometime soon, it’s one of my favorite books :)

Doing Art Again

Hello!  I haven’t been blogging for a while, but I’ve still been making stuff : )

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This is a drawing I did of Apple, partly inspired by this guinea pig portrait.  I used black and grey pastels, with pencil for detail.

I did it from a photograph, which I copied upside down.  I read somewhere that its easier to copy things when they are upside down, because you are more likely to draw what you see, rather than what you think the image should look like.

I used my laptop to draw grid lines onto the photo (which I’ll show you soon) and drew grid lines onto my paper.  then I copied it upside down and it really does work, I don’t think I could have copied it as accurately if I had had it the right way up.  After I had drawn the outline I turned it right way up and drew in the details.


Having said that, I don’t think i’ve captured her expression quite right.  the eyes, the shape of the nose…  I think the piggy in my drawing looks a lot like Blossom (pictured in this post), it’s the nose and the eyes I think.  See, mother and daughter resemblance coming through there (Blossom is Apple’s mum), they even have similar markings.

I really enjoyed doing this drawing though, I hadn’t done anything like that for ages and I loved it!

005 s

Mum’s birthday card.  I used watercolour, another thing I haven’t done for ages, it was inspired by the jasmine that is on the front of our house.

I’m proud of this because I didn’t try to make it 100% accurate.  I usually try to make paintings really detailed and true to the real thing, but when I see paintings on art galleries (and auction marts) I tend to like the pretty abstract ones.  Strange isn’t it?

Thank you for looking :-)

Must I do this with every project?


I’m joining in with Yarn Along again today.

I’m still knitting my Owls and on the bright side, I’ve made progress from last week.   My jumper is now about 35cm (13 ½”) long.  However, this is jumper number two.  This last week I knit jumper no.1 to 16″, tried it on, and realized that it didn’t really fit me.  It fit me fine on the waist, but after the increases above the waist it was a bit loose and baggy.  I wouldn’t mind, but seeing as it was fitted on the waist it just didn’t look right, and it might have put me off wearing it.

I decided to start a whole new jumper so that I could make it longer.  I knit nearly twice as much ribbing and put an extra 5cm of stocking stitch before the shaping.

I have also changed the shaping around;  I’ve put the decreases and increases at the sides rather than at the back (so if it doesn’t work out it won’t show as much!), decreased 4st less than the pattern says, and more gradually – over 24st rather than 16st.  I really hope it works after all this, I tried it on after the waist decreases and it fit, so just hoping that the increases are gradual enough!

Again, I haven’t been reading much (apart from study) this week, but I’ve dipped into Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon.  I really like this book.  Mum bought it for me whilst she was in the Barbara Hepworth gallery, while my brother was at a fencing training day near there.

Thank you for looking!  I’m still enjoying knitting my jumper, it’s all part of the learning process I suppose. Even so, I hope that your knitting is going better than mine!

Socks, jumpers and blankets

Hello everyone, I’m joining yarn along today, better late than never!

This week I finished I finished my sock!


This has used the smallest needles that I have ever knit with.  It took me quite a while to make but it fits now (I had to undo the toe and make it bigger) and I really like it, although I think I like the short-row heel technique better.  I’m not predicting my second sock to be finished anytime soon because I’ve got excited with knitting my jumper!


As I said in my other post I was waiting to buy a 6.5mm needle.  My local yarn shop didn’t have it in stock so I’ve been waiting for nearly a week to knit it!  I didn’t end up buying the needle – we went to my Gran’s house yesterday and she had the needle I wanted, sadly she can not knit anymore so she gave it to me.  Since yesterday it has grown very fast and I’m loving knitting with it.  There are lots of different colours in the yarn.  I don’t normally go for multicoloured yarns but the colour change is quite subtle and I like it.


After almost two months, I think it’s time to show you my blanket of squares!  It’s the same idea as my other blanket (using up scraps) except this one is knitted.  Yes, I have given up on another blanket, they don’t seem to be going very well do they?  This time I really think I might continue this one because I’m not trying to finish it anytime soon.  The squares are all about 12.5cm² – just the right size for tension squares, so I thought that I might as well put them into my blanket too. Can you see the ones for my jumper?

Through knitting it, I’ve realized how much I like garter stitch.  I love how thick and ‘scrunchy’ it is, yum!

I haven’t been doing much reading for pleasure this week, I read the first chapter of a book that a friend lent me but I didn’t really like it, it just wasn’t my type of book!

What do you reckon, will I carry on with blanket number 3?

Thanks for reading : )

Drawstring Backpack


I while ago I pinned (on pinterest) the tutorial to make this bag from the purl bee.  I finished making mine yesterday!


I used some cotton fabric that my friend had kindly given me (thank you Lynda!) and made it over two days, one cutting out the fabric and the other doing the sewing.  It took me two hours maximum but I made it harder for myself by using fabric for the lining that was 1/2” too small.  I forgot that when I was sewing it so I had to re-do one side.

The straps are part of the first yarn that I span, except that I doubled it and felted the two strands together so that it’s thicker.


It’s lined too!  I nearly didn’t bother with the lining, but it makes it look so much better!

The tutorial is super easy to follow and I recommend it if you just want an easy, satisfying project.

Thank you for looking!