In My Yarn Bag


A pile of things to show you!

First, my little bag!  I haven’t taken a proper photo of it but you can see it in the one above.  I really like it and I’ve been using it a lot to carry things in the car – a book, phone, earphones, sometimes a sketchpad and pencil, and of course, knitting!


First, my gloves! I finished these nearly a month ago and I have worn them quite a bit since.  I used Mirasol Kutama in shade 1904, warm grey.  I used one hank (the pattern calls for two)  so they were shorter than the ones in the pattern, but I edged them with some white wool that I had so now they are just the length I wanted them to be!


And my cowl!  It’s a simple moss stitch worked flat, then joined with a twist.  I originally knit this too small, so I had to knit another 5cm piece to make it go over my head!


Last Wednesday I was given some chunky wool.  This was an attempt at making a pouf (a bit like these) before I realized that the yarn wouldn’t be suitable.  Now mum has yet another useless mat!

I’ve moved on from the idea of crocheting poufs to sewing beanbags now, I’ve even made two mini beanbags and a pattern!


My sock! I re-started this at the start of July.  I originally got it as a kit for a birthday present a couple of years ago, I’d knit about two inches and then got bored with it.  A lot of it got knitted in the car on the journey to go camping in Lincolnshire.  I’ve turned the heel now and I only have about 10cm before I get to the toe!

Thanks for looking!


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