Oranges and Lemons (and limes)


Today I have taken some photos of the things that I have made/am making.  I think there are too many for one post, so I’ll show you the crafty stuff later.


This week I made orange sorbet!  I pretty much used this recipe, except that I used three oranges.  If I do this again (and I probably will) I would use more than one orange per person, because I used three oranges and it isn’t really enough.  We haven’t eaten it yet – it’s in the freezer – but when I tested it it tasted good!

IMG_1472s IMG_1476s

Also this week I made lemonade.  I made this up as I went along.  It was a bit like the sorbet recipe but with more water.  It tastes fantastic!


And finally,  these are the diabetic chocolates that I made for gran, as a thank you present for looking after our guinea pigs while we were away.

I used about one and a half bars of this diabetic chocolate in total.  They were quite easy to make, the truffles were made by mixing chocolate and ground almonds together.  Gran was very pleased with all of them! :)



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