The starting of a jumper

It’s been my birthday since I last posted, and look what I got from gran!


Well, really I got the money to buy this, but I don’t think that matters.  I got enough yarn to knit this jumper.  I love the colours, all shades of blues and blue-greens mixed up together in a big 100g ball of yarn.  It’s Tepa by Araucania and it’s really soft and hand dyed, so every hank is different!


Apologies for the quality of this photo.  It was taken in ‘sunset’ mode to get as close to the real colour as possible.  It’s still not right, really the yarn is much more green.

I’ve been wanting to knit Kate Davies’s o w l s jumper for a while now, in fact, ever since I finished my first jumper.  I know mine looks really tiny in the photograph.  It’s because I have it on a 40cm round needle so it’s bunching up all the stitches.  The pattern calls for a 6mm needle for the ribbing, and then changes to a 6.5mm needle for the main body, which I haven’t got, I’ll have to go the yarn shop again!


Yesterday I finished my first sock, but I had to pull the toe back because it was too small :(  It won’t take long to re-knit it though, and it’ll be worth it!

There has also been some bauble knitting for yarndale003s

I’m helping Hannah with this workshop at yarndale!  I’m excited, one month to go!

I’m trying to join in with Yarn Along this week, although I don’t really understand how it works.  All I did was put the button on my sidebar, I didn’t understand where to submit the link.  ah well, I tried!

I haven’t been read a book for a few days.  I finished re-reading the Hunger Games Trilogy a few days ago and it’s still fantastic the second time round!



Felt Pot


I made this a few weeks ago, isn’t it nice? It’s made from merino wool using the wet felting technique.  I used instructions from ‘Wet Felting: How to Make 3D Felt Vessels Using Flat Resists’ from Rosiepink Textile Arts.  I won (yes!) this ebook in a giveaway and I think it’s excellent.  I had no trouble with the instructions at all, they are well written and it is filled with colourful photographs!  This tutorial actually made two pots in one go, but I finished them off with a friend so I gave one to her :)


Thank you for looking!

In My Yarn Bag


A pile of things to show you!

First, my little bag!  I haven’t taken a proper photo of it but you can see it in the one above.  I really like it and I’ve been using it a lot to carry things in the car – a book, phone, earphones, sometimes a sketchpad and pencil, and of course, knitting!


First, my gloves! I finished these nearly a month ago and I have worn them quite a bit since.  I used Mirasol Kutama in shade 1904, warm grey.  I used one hank (the pattern calls for two)  so they were shorter than the ones in the pattern, but I edged them with some white wool that I had so now they are just the length I wanted them to be!


And my cowl!  It’s a simple moss stitch worked flat, then joined with a twist.  I originally knit this too small, so I had to knit another 5cm piece to make it go over my head!


Last Wednesday I was given some chunky wool.  This was an attempt at making a pouf (a bit like these) before I realized that the yarn wouldn’t be suitable.  Now mum has yet another useless mat!

I’ve moved on from the idea of crocheting poufs to sewing beanbags now, I’ve even made two mini beanbags and a pattern!


My sock! I re-started this at the start of July.  I originally got it as a kit for a birthday present a couple of years ago, I’d knit about two inches and then got bored with it.  A lot of it got knitted in the car on the journey to go camping in Lincolnshire.  I’ve turned the heel now and I only have about 10cm before I get to the toe!

Thanks for looking!

Oranges and Lemons (and limes)


Today I have taken some photos of the things that I have made/am making.  I think there are too many for one post, so I’ll show you the crafty stuff later.


This week I made orange sorbet!  I pretty much used this recipe, except that I used three oranges.  If I do this again (and I probably will) I would use more than one orange per person, because I used three oranges and it isn’t really enough.  We haven’t eaten it yet – it’s in the freezer – but when I tested it it tasted good!

IMG_1472s IMG_1476s

Also this week I made lemonade.  I made this up as I went along.  It was a bit like the sorbet recipe but with more water.  It tastes fantastic!


And finally,  these are the diabetic chocolates that I made for gran, as a thank you present for looking after our guinea pigs while we were away.

I used about one and a half bars of this diabetic chocolate in total.  They were quite easy to make, the truffles were made by mixing chocolate and ground almonds together.  Gran was very pleased with all of them! :)


My crochet triangles for yarndale

Happy Birthday Billy!



These are my triangles that I finished took into Purl&Jane about a week ago!  they are going to be part of some beautiful bunting for Yarndale.  You can find the pattern and information about the project here.


I made 10 in all,  here they are all piled up.  I’m looking forward to yarndale now!

We are going to Lincolnshire for a few days (setting off in about half an hour!) so I probably won’t be posting for about a week.  Mind you, this post and the last are over a week apart, sorry about that!