Knitted Hedgehogs


This is my knitted hedgehog, isn’t he cute! I made this a while ago with my brother.  His hedgehog is in the photographs below.


My hedgehog is made from yarn that I span myself, using a drop spindle (the first thing I’ve made from it!).  He is a bit rounder/shorter than my brother’s hedgehog because I ran out of wool tops to spin with.  I think it makes him look extra cute, if a bit more unrealistic.

We followed this pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits, except I substituted the ‘YFON’s with the usual ‘knit through the front and back’ increases, because the ‘yfon’s were making holes. I don’t think I understood it properly, because I ended up doing a ‘yarn over’ which can’t be right?  Any help would be appreciated!  I would recommend the pattern anyway because it is well laid out and the hedgehogs are really nice!


A short while later Dad made a hedgehog too.  Here they all are together


Thanks for looking :-)


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