Finished; Cushion for Gran


It’s finished!  Well, it was finished over a week ago,  on the morning of Gran’s birthday, which was good because this cushion cover was her birthday present.  I first mentioned my cushion here. I used rico creative cotton aran and rico soft merino aran.


I sewed the squares together, made a basic cushion cover and then sewed the squares onto the front. the edge looked a bit messy so I added some edging along the sides and the opening (which took a lot longer than I thought it would).  The orange buttons were some that I’d had for a while, I think they look bright against the white.

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We went to Gran’s house in the afternoon and had a fabulous
birthday tea!


Thank you for looking!


Knitted Hedgehogs


This is my knitted hedgehog, isn’t he cute! I made this a while ago with my brother.  His hedgehog is in the photographs below.


My hedgehog is made from yarn that I span myself, using a drop spindle (the first thing I’ve made from it!).  He is a bit rounder/shorter than my brother’s hedgehog because I ran out of wool tops to spin with.  I think it makes him look extra cute, if a bit more unrealistic.

We followed this pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits, except I substituted the ‘YFON’s with the usual ‘knit through the front and back’ increases, because the ‘yfon’s were making holes. I don’t think I understood it properly, because I ended up doing a ‘yarn over’ which can’t be right?  Any help would be appreciated!  I would recommend the pattern anyway because it is well laid out and the hedgehogs are really nice!


A short while later Dad made a hedgehog too.  Here they all are together


Thanks for looking :-)

Felted Cats


These were a commission from the sister of the person for whom I made the first cats.  These took me a long time but I’m happy with the result. They look a bit hairy in the photograph but that is because they enlarged by quite a bit in the photograph.  Really they are only 2-3 inches long.


Today there has been lots of sunshine here.  My brother and I made another batch of elderflower cordial, because the first batch was so good!


Elderflower Cordial


This is elderflower cordial that I made yesterday, it will be ready tomorrow evening and I’m excited!  I used this recipe but with a few extra elderflower heads because I picked extra.

I love making this, it reminds me of summer and sunshine.  I’m feeling all summery this weekend, it was really sunny yesterday and it’s beautiful today, I think making elderflower cordial makes me feel summery and happy too. We make this every year, it’s so easy and it smells and tastes delicious.

x x x

Gloves and a Cushion

Hello! I have two projects to show you today.


This is my new glove. You may have seen my first glove in this post. I have started these in a different yarn, Mirasol Kutama. I love this wool and the colour, it’s 50% alpaca and it’s very soft. This is shade 1904 warm grey.  Dad and I think it is more like brown though, it’s a different colour than it is in the photo.  I decided to use a more chunky yarn this time because I think my first attempt was going to be a bit on the small side. Since I took the photograph I have almost finished the first one!

The other project I have started is a crochet cushion for Gran’s birthday.064s

I’m using the Summer Garden granny square pattern from attic24 and I think it looks very pretty when each round is a different colour.  I usually try not to change colour much but I was inspired by some lovely blankets I saw on ravelry and I’ve found that it’s not as much trouble as I thought it was.

I’m going to make sixteen squares for the front, but i’m not sure what to do for the back.  I think I’ll see how much time I have left, her birthday is in two weeks time.

Today a friend showed us how to make paper with flowers in it, maybe I’ll post about that another day.

Thanks for looking :-)