Crochet Again


I have a confession to make; since I started my Hexagon Blanket I have lost interest in it. I think I’m going to make a kind of hexagon mat instead. I have got four more hexagons to make and then I’ll sew them all together into a big hexagon :)

However, I have started another blanket. I know this sounds a bit ambitious seeing how my hexagon blanket turned out, but I think I might just persevere with this one. I’m calling this my Oddment Blanket because I am making it from all the little bits of yarn I have that are too big to throw away (I don’t throw away yarn much, especially if it’s nice yarn) but too small to make much out of. IMG_0699s

So far I have made five squares – I have now finished the incomplete square in the photograph. It’s a basic granny square with four rounds. I only wanted short rounds because I’m working with small amounts of yarn and I wanted them to go all of the way round!


At the moment I’m using the yarn in the photograph but when I’ve used that up I’m going to leave this project until I have some more bit of yarn and then I’ll make some more granny squares, maybe that way I won’t get tired of it. I hadn’t made a granny square for ages and I forgot how addictive it is!


Also this week I have started knitting myself a pair of Junin gloves. This is how far I got before I realized I had read the pattern wrong and put the cabling in the wrong place had to undo it all, I’ll be more careful next time!

Thank you for looking :-)


My Jumper is Finished!


I finished my jumper on Friday, and I love it!  It’s the Warmi Sunqu by Jane Ellison. I knit the smallest size with Mirasol Tupa (shades; 809 sapphire, 800 cream). I think the yarn is smaller than the suggested yarn because when I had finished the neck edging, I tried it on (without sleeves) and the neckline was way too tight – I could barely get it over my head.

So (guess what?) I pulled back all of the neckline and the shoulders (a bit heart breaking) plus an extra eight rows, and redid the shoulders so that the neckline was eight rows (one stripe) lower.  Then the neckline had to be redone and the shoulder seams were sewn up.  After that I sewed the side seam and the sleeves. I tried it on and, although the sleeves were long enough, they were only just.  I wanted them longer but I didn’t want to have to undo all of my sewing.

I cut (yes!) the yarn just above the cuff and unpicked one row of my knitting, so that the cuff  was separate from the rest of my jumper. I then picked up the stitches of the cuff, knitted twelve rows of stocking stitch and then sewed the cuff and the sleeve back together, so that it looked like knitting (I think it’s called grafting?). I did the same to the other sleeve and now the sleeves are how I want them! :-)

This took me a long time (I think it was September 2011) so I’m not sure if I want to knit another jumper in dk weight yarn anytime soon, but I do want to knit one in a chunky weight yarn sometime, it’s so rewarding!

What do you think?

Finished; Felted Tree Picture


My picture is finished! Actually, I finished it about a week ago but I have only just put the photos on my laptop. I started it over two months ago, outside in the sunshine.   Since my other post about it I started embroidering the grass by hand at the top, but I soon got tired of it and it was redundant for a while.  Then I decided to finish it using my sewing machine. I used a zig-zag stitch and I threaded my machine with the same embroidery thread so that it looked the same.  I’m not sure if the zig-zag looks as good as the bit that I hand stitched, but it’s worth it because otherwise I wouldn’t have got it finished!

Thank you for taking a look :-)

Happy Father’s Day


It’s Father’s day today (UK) this is my card to dad (made last night from about 10pm to 11pm!) I bought him some chocolates and my brother made him a really cool card and gave him a sudoku book.


This is my new shelf  that dad made for me, finished last Thursday. Thank you Dad :).

Look how I tidied it all nicely, it won’t stay like that for long!

Little bird card


This is a birthday card that I made for my cousin about a week ago. The bird is printed card and the branches and leaves are watercolour.

This week I have been knitting the last sleeve of my jumper and I have started knitting a pair of gloves with cables on (my first project with cabling!) I’ll post about them later.

Thanks for looking