Finished: My Hat


I finished this hat on the 17 of May, so that’s a-week-ago-last-Friday if you see what I mean.

I made it because Dad knit one like this in a different colour and I really like it.

Mine is knit in Mirasol Maylla,  shade 1603 rippling lakes.

Dad’s hat fits me perfectly and I wanted it to be the same length.  I knit this to the suggested length; 17cm (or a maybe tiny bit bigger), and then did the decreases at the top of the hat, and sewed up the seam.  But when I tried it on it was a bit big and I wasn’t happy with it.  So I undid the seam and the decreases and undid two rows. then I redid it but it was still a tiny bit big and I wanted it to be right. So guess what? I undid it again and an extra two rows and redid it and now it’s the perfect length for me!

On the day I took it, last Thursday, it was sunny and I got sidetracked by taking lots of photos of the daisies on our lawn.


Thank you for looking!


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