Guinea pigs and daisies

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Yesterday we put the Apple and Blossom on our little patch of daisies so that they could eat the long grass inbetween, although Apple seems to be eating the daisies in the 1st photograph :)


Finished: My Hat


I finished this hat on the 17 of May, so that’s a-week-ago-last-Friday if you see what I mean.

I made it because Dad knit one like this in a different colour and I really like it.

Mine is knit in Mirasol Maylla,  shade 1603 rippling lakes.

Dad’s hat fits me perfectly and I wanted it to be the same length.  I knit this to the suggested length; 17cm (or a maybe tiny bit bigger), and then did the decreases at the top of the hat, and sewed up the seam.  But when I tried it on it was a bit big and I wasn’t happy with it.  So I undid the seam and the decreases and undid two rows. then I redid it but it was still a tiny bit big and I wanted it to be right. So guess what? I undid it again and an extra two rows and redid it and now it’s the perfect length for me!

On the day I took it, last Thursday, it was sunny and I got sidetracked by taking lots of photos of the daisies on our lawn.


Thank you for looking!

Crochet Hexagons

Do you remember my crochet blanket from just over two weeks ago?  I haven’t got bored of it yet and so far I’ve made twenty Hexagons!


When I posted about this before I was using  the joining-as-you-go method to join my hexagons.  It looked a bit messy and it was annoying me, so I undid the last row of  the hexagons that were joining, and redid the row so that now they are all separate and I have a big pile of hexagons!


On Friday I finished knitting a hat for me, i’ll take a photo of it later!

Thank you for looking!

Little Shoulder Bags

About two weeks ago I made a small white shoulder bag with an elephant print pocket.

I made up the pattern.  It’s just the right size to hold my phone, earphones, a notebook, a pen,  my camera and still have a bit of room for anything else I might want.


I liked it so much that I made another! this one is a bit brighter and I used the same pattern as my elephant bag, except the zip is smaller because I didn’t have any bigger zips that looked good with the fabric.



Thanks for taking a look :)

Crochet Owl and a Felt Picture


I made this for a friends birthday, and now I have given it to her I can share it with you! It was crocheted on a 6mm hook so it’s quite chunky, which is good because it will protect the phone more and it was quite quick to crochet!

004s Last night dad was felting and I couldn’t resist joining in! It’s a vase of flowers on a window sill, could you tell?


Crochet Hexagons

Today it was beautiful and sunny so I took a photo of my latest project to show you!


It’s the start of a hexagon blanket (maybe a very small blanket!). I’ve been crocheting this since Monday and I’m using the hexagon how to by attic24 – I love the stitch pattern, it’s fairly easy but i’m finding it more interesting than granny squares!.

I’m using mostly aran wool but the blue hexagon is with dk wool, I did an extra round to make it the same size. Also, I’m joining it as I go and I’m liking it much better than sewing lots of hexagons together, even though it’s not very neat :)

Thanks for looking!