Pretty Boot Tops

Over the past two days I have been making a pair of boot cuffs for my wellies and I thought I would share the pattern!


Materials 100g of super chunky yarn Tension9 sts x 12 rows
to a 10 cm square
on 10 mm needles
(US 15)
MeasurementsTo fit boots with a circumference at the top of [25-35, 36-45,
46-55] cm.


Cast on [29, 37, 47] stitches.002s

Row 1; knit

Row 2; purl

Row 3; knit

Row 4; knit

Repeat the last four rows twice more.



Row 1; [k1, p1] to last stitch, k1.

Row 2; [p1, k1] to last stitch, p1.

Repeat the last two rows until the lining measures about 8cm.

Cast off and sew the two sides together.


007s 009s

If you have any problems please leave a comment and I’ll try to help you! :)

I designed this pattern at home so no copyright/plagiarism intended. x


4 thoughts on “Pretty Boot Tops

  1. I’m realizing you did this flat and seamed, if I were to try it, I’d probably do it in the round…but I knit pretty tightly and that impacts my guage. How tightly do you knit? More loosely or more tightly?

    • You could easily do it in the round, I only had straight needles in that size.
      I usually knit a bit on the tight side but this time I was pretty close to the guage. You could easily adapt it to fit your boots/wellies as long as you use a multiple of 2+1 stitches (or if knitted in the round then a multiple of 2 stitches) :)

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