My New Toy

Yesterday the drop spindle that I ordered arrived in the post!


I ordered a drop spindle kit from etsy and It came with 135g of fibre in red and grey.

It took me a while to work out how to spin with it but with some help from youtube I’ve managed to spin 25g of north ronaldsey fibre (pictured)!I’m going to spin the other 25g and then ply it to make yarn, i’ll post about it when i’ve done!

Today I am/have been re-furbishing the old computer chair in my room, that’s it in the background of the photo!



Felt with Bamboo and Ramie

Hello! I have been experimenting with using bamboo and ramie tops in my felt


This is a felt brooch I finished today, it’s merino wool with bamboo tops. I really like bamboo, it’s really soft and it looks a bit curly when it’s felted.

001s 003s

I made these last Thursday when I was at My friend‘s house. The bowl has ramie tops laid on to it.  Ramie is a plant and isn’t as soft as bamboo.  It’s like very fine hair but has a similar effect to bamboo.

Thanks for looking :)

Pretty Boot Tops

Over the past two days I have been making a pair of boot cuffs for my wellies and I thought I would share the pattern!


Materials 100g of super chunky yarn Tension9 sts x 12 rows
to a 10 cm square
on 10 mm needles
(US 15)
MeasurementsTo fit boots with a circumference at the top of [25-35, 36-45,
46-55] cm.


Cast on [29, 37, 47] stitches.002s

Row 1; knit

Row 2; purl

Row 3; knit

Row 4; knit

Repeat the last four rows twice more.



Row 1; [k1, p1] to last stitch, k1.

Row 2; [p1, k1] to last stitch, p1.

Repeat the last two rows until the lining measures about 8cm.

Cast off and sew the two sides together.


007s 009s

If you have any problems please leave a comment and I’ll try to help you! :)

I designed this pattern at home so no copyright/plagiarism intended. x

Knitting in the Sunshine

Yesterday spring came again! Me and Mum cycled into Skipton (our nearest town). we did some shopping and I went to Purl&Jane and I bought three balls of ‘essentials soft merino aran’ it’s gorgeous and soft and it’s superwash, so I can put it in the wash and hopefully it won’t felt! I’m going to use it to make a pachwork blanket, I had already made one square but It was with dk wool and it took me longer than I wanted. I am still going to use it though!

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